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Infinity Campaign Progress:
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BatRep: 200pts Nomads vs PanOceania

Once upon a time, I mentored Derrick into the joys of playing PanOceania.  Now, the Padawin Learner was going to show me that he was now the master…

Ooops!  Wrong Sci-Fi Universe!  (But not by much!)

So, first things first, I have updated the tables today with the (known) battle results.  Anyone participating, please let me know of any battles that appear to be missing!

Second: If you want to post a battle report, PLEASE let me know and I can either post for you or grant you rights to add posts!


I downloaded the Infinity ITS (International Tournament System) package from the Infinity Web Site.  As the tournament system is intended for 200point, 300 point and 400 Point levels, we decided to randomly roll a mission and see how well they worked.

We rolled “Frontline”.  The table is a standard 4’ X 4’ with 12” deployment zones.  The mission is to “Dominate” as many of the 8” bands in between the deployment zones as possible.  To Dominate a zone, a player had to have more “Army Points” within a zone than their opponent.  Models “crossing a line” would count toward the zone they were mostly in (couldn’t claim both).

The Battle Field

Also, players were to roll for 2 individual (secret) objectives as well, to be revealed as the objectives were completed.  As we didn’t have the new cards yet, we used the tables from the Scenarios section of the book (which match the tables of the ITS Packet).

  • Internentor (Lieutenant)
  • Reverend Healer
  • 2 X Wildcats
  • 2 X Alguacils
  • 1 X Alguacils Paramedic
  • Iguana T.A.G.

Nomad's Deployment

  • Orc w/ Heavy Machine Gun (Lieutenant)
  • Orc (Standard Multi-Rifle)
  • Akal Commando
  • Knight Hospitaller Doctor 
  • 3 X Fusilier 
  • 1 X Fusilier Hacker

PanOceania Deployment

Nomads had first turn, but PanO played a Command Point to reduce the Nomad’s Orders by 2 for the first turn.  (Anyone else notice this becoming a standard tactic in their games?)

Turn 1:
So, the first thing Nomads did was put both the Iguana and a Wildcat on the roof of the Powerhub Module on Suppression Fire.  

The Nomads then spent the remaining 4 orders running the Paramedic forward to the Enemy High Value Target (HVT) and successfully completed a Willpower roll.  This completed one of the Nomad’s Secret Objectives; Inoculate for 1 Objective Point.  Using the last part of the last order, the Paramedic ducked behind a Cargo Container.  Seems she felt the Orc HMG was a little too close for comfort.  She was right…

Nomad's Paramedic Inoculated the Enemy HVT!
(Then Hides!!!)

The PanOceania forces then used Combined Orders to move a group of soldiers forward on the Nomad’s right.  The Knight took a hit from Suppression Fire from the Wildcat, but ignored it thanks to the Knight’s excellent heavy armour.  The other Orc trooper took a wound from another shot but managed to kill a Alguacil on a rooftop using Shock Ammo.

Orc Kills an Alguacil!

The PanO Hacker then successfully deployed the “Fairy Dust” application, giving all his heavy troopers Firewall Protection from the Nomad’s Hacker.

The Orc HMG spent 2 orders to pop around the corner and blast away at the Nomad’s Paramedic, but triggered AROs from the Iguana.  Facing a full burst of HMG fire with no “counter” didn’t sit well, so the Orc split fire between the Iguana and the Paramedic.  The Paramedic was wounded and knocked unconscious, but the Orc took a wound from the Iguana.  The Orc voluntarily failed his Gut Roll and fell back into better cover.

Orc HMG Knocks Out Paramedic But Takes A Wound!

The Knight then peeked around the corner and fired at the Wildcat on the roof, triggering an ARO and shot back.  Due to the Wildcat’s Suppression Fire, the Knight took a hit which was saved by his armour.  The Knight spent another order to once again shoot the Wildcat but this time the Knight was wounded in the exchange of fire.  At this point, Derrick realized his Knight would become Impetuous next turn.  Before he “lost” control, the Knight was ordered out from cover to attempt to Innoculate the Nomad’s HVT, but was gunned down in the process by combined fire of the Wildcats and the Iguana!  Objective Failed!

Turn 2:
In the Nomad’s Turn, the Iguana spent 2 orders to move and shoot at the Orc HMG.  The Orc shot back and damaged the TAG!

The Reverend Healer spent 2 orders to move forward and attempt to heal the Paramedic, but in spite of using a command token to make a second attempt, the Paramedic died.  The Reverend Healer then ran towards cover and took a shot that was deflected by her armour.

Iguana Takes Damage Trying To Protect Rev. Healer...

The Iguana then moved back into better cover, having fired at the Orc as he retreated.  Though the Iguana hit the Orc twice, the combination of Heavy Armour and Cover saved the Orc from a second wound.

Emboldened, the Orc HMG stood up and fired at the Iguana, but the armour saved the TAG from damage.  The Orc HMG then spent an order to activate Suppression Fire.

The Commando then dropped from the skies.  The Nomad Hacker attempted to hack the Drop Craft but failed to do so, which allowed the Commando to land pretty much where he wanted.  As the Commando dropped within the Zone Of Control of the last Alguacil, the Alguacil warned the Interventor and both turned to face the new threat which was behind their backs.  It didn’t matter.  The Commando spent 2 orders to shoot and kill both the Interventor and the last Alguacil.

..While The Commando Kills Two And...

As a final insult, a Fusilier peeked around the corner and shot the Reverend Healer Unconscious, in spite of the return fire from the Iguana.

..Rev. Healer Knocked Unconscious anyway!

Turn 3:
So, if you remembered my Nomad Army List, you realize that the Interventor was my Lieutenant and he was now dead.  That placed my force in “Loss of Lieutenant” mode, but because I still had over 25% of my forces on the table, i didn’t have to retreat.  Each surviving unit now took an “Irregular” Order that could only be spent on themselves.  With only 3 figures left, it was a short turn…

The Iguana spent his order to go on Suppression Fire.
The Wildcat on the roof had to spend an order to turn slightly, to keep the Commando in his arc if the Commando should pop his head out once more.
The Wildcat on the ground moved forward, out of the deployment zone.

Nomads Try To Take A Stand!

The PanO Hacker moved forward but was out-of-range to attempt a hack on either the Wildcat or the unconscious Reverend Healer.

The Commando popped around the corner of a Cargo Container and took shots at both Wildcats, but generated two reactions in turn.  Both AROs missed and the Commando failed to hit the Wildcat on the roof, but hit the Wildcat on the ground.  The Wildcat made his armour save and deliberately failed his Guts Roll so he could duck between the Containers, out of sight of the Commando.  The PanO Hacker then spent two Orders to scan the Wildcat that had dodged into his Zone of Control, completing one of the PanO Secret Objectives for 1 point.  The (standard) Orc then used an order to move forward and kill the Wildcat on the ground with Shock Ammo. 

Wildcat Scanned, then Shot!!!

The Commando then shot at the Wildcat on the roof once more and successfully hit him twice.  The Wildcat made both Armour Saves and voluntarily “failed” his Guts Roll and fell back out of Line of Sight.

Not wanting to expose any of his other troops to Suppression Fire from the Iguana, the last order was an “Idle” order.

End of Game:

Both PanO and Nomads “dominated” the 8” closest to their deployment zones for 1 Objective Point each.  Both had completed 1 Secret Objective for 1 more Objective Point each.

However, the PanO Forces had Domination of the Center Zone, which gave them an additional 3 Objective Points.

Final Score:
PanO:                  5 OP
Nomads:              2 OP

PanO Wins!
Great Game!

First of all, a well fought battle by Derrick, he deserved the win!

  1. I think the plan went well on my part.  Some bad dice rolls cost me my Paramedic & Reverend Healer which I didn’t appreciate.  I did make a couple of errors during the game.
  2. I had meant to put a Fusilier on the roof, not a Wildcat.  I didn’t notice it until after the first turn had started, so I was stuck with it!  Turned out the Wildcat was a better shot, so it wasn’t a complete loss!
  3. I would have liked to have put the Iguana farther Left (it would have prevented the Orc HMG from coming forward and attacking the Paramedic).  I could then place more troops on the Right and may have been able to deal with the Commando better.
  4. I could/should have moved the troops on the ground forward (including the Iguana) on turn 2 and maybe have been in a position to dominate of contest the Centre Sector for more points.

Things I learned:
  • TAGs are impressive while on Suppression Fire!
  • Heavy Armour + Cover = TAG-Like Armour Saves!
  • I hate Airborne Deployment!!!
  • 3 Turns isn’t very long to accomplish these missions – you HAVE to be AGGRESSIVE to have a chance of winning!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed the game!

Monday, April 27, 2015

AAR: 200 Pt Pan Oceana vs Nomads!

Well, been a while since I posted a report here.  I haven’t been completely negligent in my gaming.  I spent the previous weekend mentoring a new player through his first game of Infinity.  He was playing Pan Oceana and as that was my first army, I mentored him as he played someone else.  If I had been paying attention, I would have avoided a lot of suffering this last weekend…

So, we upgraded our points to 200 points and rolled our random missions:
Urban Setting (Cargo containers everywhere – what else could it be???)

D├ętente: The 1st person to shot loses 1 VP!

Commercial: TAGs and Remotes that shoot cause the player to lose 1 VP!

Wargames – Players are practicing their tactics and strategies.  Players get 1VP for each opponent that is unconscious.  Lose 1 VP for every opponent that’s been killed!


  • Interventor (Lt.) with Fast Panda
  • Mobile Brigada
  • Spectre (Infiltrated & Deployed on Maintenance Module on the Nomad’s Right)
  • Grenzer with Multi Sniper Rifle
  • Reverend Healer
  • 2 Alguacile Paramedics
  • 1 (regular) Alguacile (the Female Model)

Pan Oceana:
  • Akal Commando
  • Croc Man
  • Fusilier Paramedic
  • 2 Fusiliers
  • Nisses with Multi Sniper Rifle
  • 2 Orcs (1 was the Lt.)

Pan Oceana won the WIP Roll and chose to control who got Initiative…

Deployment Photos:

Nomad's Deployment
(Ignore the TAG in the Left Corner...)

Side View of the Play Area

PanO Deployment Area

PanO Turn 1:
The Nisses on top of the Cargo Container shot at the Alguacil, but both models rolled Crit and cancelled each other!  The damage was done, though.  PanO lost 1 VP for having fired the 1st shot!  The Nisses spent a second order and this time knocked out the Alguacil on top of the Cargo Container – we rolled to see if she would fall off or not, but she landed safely on top of the container.

Nomad's Alguacil Knocked Out!

The Commando moved forward on the Nomad’s Left, a Fusilier ran forward near the center, right and the TO Camo marker (Gee, wonder who that was?) moved forward on the Nomad’s Right.  The Mobile Brigada attempted to discover the TO Camo marker as it moved, but failed.

A Fusilier on the Nomad’s Left moved forward and climbed on top of the Maintenance Module on the PanO side of the table, then spent the final order to lay down Suppressive Fire.

Fusilier goes into Supression Mode

Nomad’s Turn 1:
Already, I wasn’t liking this.  First things first, one of the Medics moved over and successfully healed the unconscious Alguacil.  Seeking vengeance, the Alguacil on the Cargo Container spent an order to shoot and move off the container, targeting both the Nisses and the Fusilier on the roof tops.  The shot at the Nisses hits and wounds the Nisses and knocked him out!  The Fusilier’s ARO shot did hit the Alguacil, but her armour saved her as she climbed off of the Cargo Container and out of the Fusilier’s Line of fire.

The Spektre revealed himself as he shot at the Fusilier on the Maintenance module, the shot deflected off the Fusilier’s armour as he dove for cover and out-of-sight!  With no one able to see him, the Spektre once more engaged the TO Camo and disappeared from sight…

The Mobile Brigada once more attempted to discover the TO Marker but failed.  So he spent another order to move forward and douse the area with his flamer (after successfully passing a WIP roll), but the TO counter successfully dodged out of the line of fire and escaped.

The Mobile Brigada then moved to peek around the inner aisle of the Cargo Containers while the Reverend Healer moved to the corner to watch down the other aisle, covering the Brigada’s back.

Reverend Healer Watching Brigada's Back!

The Rest of the Nomads After Turn 1!

PanO Turn 2:
The Nisses was successfully healed by the Paramedic.  The Nisses then successfully discovered the Spectre for one order and shot at him for another order.  The Spektre attempted to dodge but was still hit and knocked unconscious!

Nisses Knocks Out The Spektre!

The Croc Man deployed a Camo Token (You don’t suppose it was a mine, do you?) revealing himself.  However, as he was out-of-sight behind the cargo container, he immediately spent another order to re-camo himself.

The Commando peeked around the corner and in a face-to-face roll, shot and knocked one of the Alguacil Paramedics unconscious!

Nomads Turn 2:
The Interventor moved forward behind the Cargo Containers and spent 2 orders attempting to hack one of the Orc Heavy Troops and finally immobilized it for 1 full turn!  Our first successful hack!!!

The Reverend Healer moved towards the Spektre and attempted to save him, but ended up killing the Spektre with a failed WIP roll!

Adding misery to misery, the remaining Alguacil Paramedic failed to save his fellow!  OUCH!

Nomads At End of Turn 2!

Reverend Healer Failed to Save the Spektre!

PanO Turn 3:
The Nisses fired at the Reverend Healer who dodged for cover at the parapet of the Maintenance Module (Bad call!).  The Nisses spent another order to demonstrate why and knocked the Reverend Healer Unconcious!

With the Revernd knocked out, no one was watching the Brigada’s back, so the TO Camo marker spent an order for Sneak and then a second order to shot the Brigada in the back!  The Brigada did successfully warn the Interventor that the Croc Man was there, which allowed the Interventor to turn with his back to a wall and to face the Croc Man.

The Commando then peeked around another corner, once more in the Interventor’s blind spot and shot him in the back.  Amazingly, the Interventor’s armour stopped all 3 successful hits from the Commando’s burst!
A Fusilier shot at the Mobile Brigada around the corner of a Cargo Container, but the Brigada declared a Flamer attack as an ARO, so the Fusilier dodged back out of the line of fire, though the Fusilier did succeed in wounding the Brigada with his gun burst!

Finally, the Commando blasted the Interventor, knocked him unconcious and moved to safety behind the corner.  Ending the turn.

Nomads Turn 3:
There was no Turn 3.  With the Interventor unconscious, I was at “Loss of Lieutenant”!  All the remaining troops were assigned Irregular orders which allowed me to move figures to cover all their backs.  The Female Alguacil became the new Lieutenant.

We rolled and verified the game would continue one more turn…

The Last Of The Nomads Try To Hold Out!

PanO Turn 4:
Croc Man goes back into TO Mode again.
Croc then moved to corner and shot around the corner, targeting one shot at each Nomad model: the 2 Alguacil and the Grenzer (whose back is turned).  The Alguaciles miss their ARO shot back and the Croc man only hits and wounds the Grenzer – knocking him out.  Another order and another Alguacil is knocked out while the other successfully dodged between the Cargo Containers after the armour saved her life.  Finally an Orc moved up and unloaded on the Alguacil and knocked her out (3 hits – fortunately she made 2 armour saves).

Nomads Turn 4:
No turn – everyone is dead or unconscious.

End of Game!

Nomads:              NADA!
PanO:                    -1VP      Fist Shot
                               -2VP      2 Dead Nomads (unfair, we both agreed, but the mission rules                                                           specify ANY Dead)
                                +6VP     6 Unconscious Nomads
                                +3VP Total

Pan O Win!
WOW!  Tough Game!

I don’t know whether to be proud that Derrick won so completely after just learning the game or be appalled by the fact he tabled me so easily!

The Nisses on the back cargo container completely dominated the table from turn 1.  A great Sniper rifle with good ballistic skills and a Multi-Spectrum Visor that cancelled any bonuses my camo would have provided – what can I say?  I was intimidated!  Anything I tried to do to neutralize him ended in failure, though I DID manage to wound him and knock him out once, but he didn’t stay unconscious!  Lesson boys and girls: Always take at least 1 medic!

Though to be honest, my own Medics didn’t do so hot.  Two failed recovery attempts.  The only good thing about it was that it ended up costing the PanO some Victory Points.

I can’t fault the PanO – they trapped me in the corner from turn 1 and I couldn’t find a way to break out.  Smart Move and a good game!

(I’ll get my revenge sometime!!!)  :-P

Monday, March 23, 2015

Latest Campaign Update...

I meant to post this a week or so ago, but...

As of now until the end of April:
  • Games Points Values are increased to 200pts.
  • No limit on number of troops (but I would Recommend 10 or less...)
Send me your scores and don't forget:


Sunday, February 15, 2015

AAR – 100pt Nomads (Bruce) vs Nomads (Ryan)

It was a dark day for the Nomads.  2 Kill Teams, working for 2 different factions, were hired to fight each other (obviously as there was no other reason for Nomads to fight other Nomads).

After setting up the table, we rolled for the missions on the Kill Team rules.

The Table Layout
(Ryan on Left, Bruce on Right)
(All direction references based off this photo)

For the Random Mission Elements, we rolled:

All factions are considered to be in a state of existing Hostility and can exchange fire at will.
Factions setup as per normal within 8” of their table edge.

TAGs, and REMs cannot engage the enemy. The first time a TAG or REM engages the enemy that Player automatically loses 1 VP.

The KT’s have met before and there is bad blood between them. Revenge is a dish best served cold…
Time:                     At the end of turn 3, and every other turn, the game ends on an escalating-roll of 4+ (3+ at end of turn 3, 2+ at end of turn 4, automatic at end of turn 5).
Endgame:             The game also ends when one faction is eliminated.
VPs:       +1           Per enemy marker killed (does not include mercenaries).

Nomads Kill Team (Ryan):
  • Zero with Boarding Shotgun, Mines, Pistol & Knife (Camo Marker)
  • Zero with Boarding Shotgun, Mines, Pistol & Knife (Camo Marker)
  • Corregidor Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, Light Grenade Launcher, Pistol & Knife
  • Intruder with Combi Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Grenades, Pistol, CCW (Camo Marker)
    (Lieutenant – revealed after the battle)
  • Die Morlock Gruppe (Rolled +3 Ph stats) with Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Assault Pistol, DA CCW
  • Die Morlock Gruppe (Rolled 8-4 Mov stats) with Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Assault Pistol, DA CCW
Looking at the photo above, everyone deployed on the table, all within the deployment zone.  (Ryan forgot the Zeros came with Infiltrate until sometime in turn 3 - OOPS!)  Sadly, I didn't record the starting positions properly.  What I do remember if the "Fast" Morlock was on the "top" half of the table and the "Strong" Morlock was on the "bottom"

Nomads Kill Team (Bruce):
  • Mobile Brigada with Multi Rifle & Light Flame Thrower, Pistol & Knife
    (Lieutenant – revealed after the battle)
  • Reverend Healer with Combi Rifle, Nanopulsar, Pistol & Exp CCW
  • Corregidor Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, Light Grenade Launcher, Pistol & Knife
  • Corregidor Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, Light Grenade Launcher, Pistol & Knife
Team "Bruce" deployed on the right side of the photo.  An Alguacile deployed on the roof of a Power Module for the view and cover.  The Brigada was behind the 3 Yellow Cargo Containers while the Reverend Healer and last Alguaciles hid behind the single Blue Cargo Container, facing opposite directions.

We rolled for Willpower and Bruce Failed his roll while Ryan passed.  Ryan chose to assign Deployment (making Bruce deploy 1st), letting Bruce decide who had initiative (1st turn).

Turn 1
Once more, I was short orders (4 vs 6 to Ryan), so I decided to play more defensively.  I moved the Brigada behind the Green/Blue stacked Cargo Containers, hiding around the corner.  The Alguaciles on foot moved to behind the right-most Green Container on the bottom, about midway and the Reverend Healer moved to cover another corner elsewhere.  The Alguaciles on the roof stayed put, waiting for a shot...

The Morlocks had Impetuous orders and had to move towards the closest enemy first. (Speedy towards the  Brigada, Strongman towards the bottom Alguaciles.)  The Morlocks both used another (Irregular) order  forward. Two Camo Markers moved forward using 4 orders.  Once Camo marker moved within the Zone of Control of the Brigada, so he turned to face towards the top of the photo, trusting the Alguaciles to watch the Brigada's back.  The Fast Morlock then moved between Cargo Containers (Out of Line Of Sight to the Brigada) and fired his Chain Rifle at the Alguaciles on the Power Hub Roof.  Taking a chance, the Alguaciles used its ARO to fire back.  The Alguaciles missed and was knocked unconcious by the wound suffered from the Morlock.

(As the Reverend was a Doctor, we didn't remove the Alguaciles as a casualty.)

Turn 2
Well, down to 3 orders with 1 casualty already, I had to take a chance and deal with the flanking forces moving on the Brigada.  The Brigada backed to the Power Hub, exposing LOS to the Morlock and fired a Burst of DA from his Multi Rifle. The Morlock fired his Chain Rifle back as an ARO.  Both models were hit, but the Brigada made his save while the Morlock suffered multiple wounds, killing him instantly.  

The Reverend Healer used an order to run towards the wounded Alguaciles, but realized she wouldn't be able to reach him and attempt to heal him with only 1 more order.  So the other Alguiciles moved to the corner of the Green Cargo Container and fired a burst at the other Morlock.  It was then I was informed the Morlocks don't get cover!  The second Morlock fired its Chain Rifle back at the Alguaciles as an ARO.  Both the Morlock and the Alguaciles were hit and both failed Armour Saves, killing the Morlock and knocking the Alguaciles unconcious.

The Camo Marker on the bottom moved forward its maximum move.  The Camo Marker on the top moved around the top corner of a Cargo Container and shot at the Brigada, exposing itself as a Zero.  The Brigada surprised the Zero by taking an ARO shot with the Flame Thrower, defeating both the Camo and Cover mods the Zero had expected to take advantage of.  Once again, both models were hit, but the Brigada made its save whereas the Zero suffered a horrible death.

The Camo Marker on the bottom used an order to move forward once more.  The last Camo Marker (Ryan had forgotten about it until then) had moved forward and climbed on the roof of a Maintenance Module.

Turn 3
With only 2 orders, I really had limited choices.  I decided I needed another order and the Reverend Healer was closer to the roof top Alguaciles, so I used both orders to run to the Power hub, climb the ladder and successfully "healed" the unconcious Alguaciles.

The Camo Marker on the roof of the Maintenance Module moved to the edge, gaining a cover save if he ever exposed himself.  The Alguaciles moved forward and fired a burst at the unconcious Alguaciles and killed her with an extra 2 wounds.  Finally, using a Lt. Order, the Camo Marker on the Maintenance Module revealed itself as the Intruder and tried to throw a Grenade onto the roof beside the Reverend Healer and Alguaciles in a "Hail Mary" Speculative attack.  However, the attack missed and the turn ended.

We rolled to see if the game would continue, but failed he roll - the game ended at the end of Turn 3.

3 - 1 for Bruce

Great Game!  It was a Nail-Biter!

I was really worried that the last Grenade attack would hit.  Fortunately, it missed and we pulled out a win as a result.  If the Grenade had hit, there was a good chance I would have lost both the Reverend and Alguaciles in the explosion.

This is one of those games where the dice rolls really were the deciding factor.  

I think Ryan had a really good mix of troops and just suffered some bad luck. I like the Morlocks and the "Random" factors with them but they were a double-edged sword. Having to move toward the enemy meant I knew where they were going and allowed me to set up kill zones.  Unfortunately for me, both got into Chain Rifle range before they died and both knocked a model out of the game (until the Reverend Healer managed to heal 1).

On my side, I love the armour of the Mobile Brigada.  The Flame Thrower was great fun against the Zero hiding around the corner of that Cargo Container.  Sadly, he's very expensive and limited the number of troops (and orders) that I got each turn.  The Healer was a good idea too, but I maybe could have been served just as well by using regular Alguaciles with Medkits, though the Willpower roll is worse and probably I would fail more save attempts.  Decisions, decisions...

Anyway, Great Game - I look forward to playing against Ryan again in the future!

AAR - 100 pts. Ariadna (Duncan) vs. Yu Jing (Graham)

On Sunday Feb 15, Graham and I threw down for an Infinity Kill Team game. With all the lovey-dovey stuff on the previous day, it was time to return back to good ol' face kicking. Rolling for the mission our forces were Hostile (exchange fire without penalty) and Military (no troop restrictions). Our objective was Infograb.
A data console was placed at the centre of the table on which each player had to retrieve the data from. Any model could retrieve the data on a successful WIP roll while in base contact with the console, while a hacker could do the same from 8". The game length was variable, rolling for game end at the end of turn 3, and automatically ending at the end of turn 5. We played on a 3' x 3' table.

Victory points were awarded as such:
+1 - Have the only figures on the board at game end
+2 - Remove the info from the board via the faction's deployment zone

The model that successfully hacked the console counted as carrying the info, and the info could be passed to another model. The scenario said the console could only be hacked twice per game, and didn't specify how the info could be passed along. With no other explanations present, Graham and I agreed that each faction could only steal the data once form the console, and that a short movement action was required to either pick up or pass off the info from model to model.

The forces vying for informational superiority were:

Yu Jing
Zhanshi Lt - Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife
Zhanshi - Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife
Zhanshi - Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife
Domaru Butai - Berserk, Kinematika L1, Martial Arts L3, Boarding Shotgun, E/M Grenades, Pistol, AP CCW
Raiden Seibutai - CH: Limited Camouflage, X Visor, Heavy Rocket Launcher, Pistol, Knife

Line Kazak Lt - Rifle, Pistol, Knife
Line Kazak - Rifle, Pistol, Knife
Lou-Garoup - Valor: Courage, X Visor, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Knife
Moblot - Jungle Terrain, Not Hackable, Shock Immunity, CH: Mimetism, Rifle, Light Shotgun, Pistol, Knife
Chasseur - CH: Camouflage, Infiltration, Multiterrain, Sixth Sense L1, Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol, Knife
Foxtrot Ranger - CH: Camouflage, Infiltration, Multiterrain, Boarding Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol, Knife

Graham won the Lt roll, and chose to have first turn, giving me first deployment. I actually wanted this, as there was a building with a crate on it in my deployment zone on which I could place my sniper. The Loup started prone, gaining cover from his height advantage. I placed the Ranger as a Camo Token in contact with the console, and the two Line Kazaks near the front of my deployment zone for a potential hand off (or grab in case the Ranger went down). The Moblot was placed so he could move and cover the Yu Jing escape path. The Chasseur deployed (also as a Camo Token) on the roof near the console in prone.
The Raiden with his HRL was placed as a Camo Token on the small building. The Lt Zhanshi was placed in cover in the far left corner, while the Domaru and the other two Zhanshi were placed forward to make a break for the info.

Turn 1
Yu Jing
Graham lost no time in making a break for the info. Figuring a Boarding Shotgun would be good for keeping figures away form the console, Graham sent the Domaru up with a move-move. Crossing a small clearing between buildings, the Japanese infinity wasn't fast enough to avoid a sniper round from the Loup-Garou. The second wound of the Domaru saved him from the Shock ammo of the sniper. Annoyed at the command that the Loup had of the field, the Raiden de-cloaked and shot at the sniper. The Loup wasn't fast enough to pull off a successful shot, and was burned to death from the Fire ammo of the rocket. Without anyone watching the board centre, the centre Zhanshi moved up and hacked the console with impunity.
Down my sniper and an order, I had to stop or slow down the Yu Jing so the info couldn't be stolen away with a mad break. With two orders, the Moblot moves to the corner of the L building and puts fire on what turned out to be the Yu Jing lieutenant in the far left corner. The Zhanshi's armour held, be her nerves did not, and she dove back into cover. With three instead of four imperial scum watching the console, the Chasseur de-cloaked and pulled a move worthy of "The Expendables". One of the three Rifle shots was each split onto the Domar, Zhanshi, and the Raiden. All the shots landed, and only the Raiden remained, going prone to cower behind cover! With my last order the Ranger attempted to hack the console, but failed (What version of Windows is this!?).

Turn 2
Yu Jing
Annoyed at the crack shooting of the Chasseur, the Raiden stood up and fired his HRL at the plucky Frenchman, who dove behind cover (dodge by going prone), but wasn't fast enough, and burnt to death. With his last two orders, Graham sent a Zhanshi (the one deployed on the right) to pick up to info. The Zhanshi managed to dodge the covering fire of the Moblot on the way to the info, but got hit and when down near the yellow container.
Seeking retribution for his countryman, the Moblot moved within the +0 range of the HRL, and put all three shots on the Raiden. The wall stopped two rounds, but the third found its way past the Raiden's armour, rendering him Unconscious. Without the overwatch of the HRL, the Moblot moved up to where a Zhanshi has originally deployed, and went into Suppression Fire.

Turn 3
Yu Jing
*At this point both Graham and I totally forgot about the Retreat! rule. However, neither of us had spent Command Tokens, so in our post-game discussion we assumed that a ret-conned CT had been spent to keep the lieutenant in the game.*
With the stern gaze and ready Rifle of the Moblot trained on the battlefield, the Zhanshi charged out in hopes of catching the Frenchman unaware. However, it turned out to be more of a "Butch Cassidy" move rather than Terry Crews a la "The Expendables", and the imperialist was gunned down.

With all the Yu Jing soldiers dead or dying, we assumed that the remaining Ariadnans could simply walk off with the info relieved from the dead Zhanshi.

End result: Ariadna 3 VP, Yu Jing 0 VP.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

AAR – 100pt Nomads (Bruce) vs Ariadna (Duncan)

Onwards to Game 2 for me!

After getting a Draw against Graham’s Yu Jing, I fought against Duncan’s Ariadna Kill Team.

Duncan set up the same terrain, this time setting everything up on a 45 degree offset, instead of square to the play matt.

For the Random Mission Elements, we rolled:

All factions are considered to be in a state of existing Hostility and can exchange fire at will.
Factions setup as per normal within 8” of their table edge.

TAGs, and REMs cannot engage the enemy. The first time a TAG or REM engages the enemy that Player automatically loses 1 VP.

The KT’s have met before and there is bad blood between them. Revenge is a dish best served cold…
Time:                     At the end of turn 3, and every other turn, the game ends on an escalating-roll of 4+ (3+ at end of turn 3, 2+ at end of turn 4, automatic at end of turn 5).
Endgame:             The game also ends when one faction is eliminated.
VPs:       +1           Per enemy marker killed (does not include mercenaries).

Ariadna Kill Team:
  • Line Kazak with Rifle, Pistol & Knife (Lieutenant – revealed after the battle)
  • Line Kazak with Rifle, Pistol & Knife
  • 13eme Moblot with Rifle, Light Shotgun, Pistol & Knife
  • Loup-Garou with Sniper Rifle, Pistol & Knife
  • 4eme de Chasseur with Rifle, Light Flamethrower, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol & Knife
  • 7th Foxtrot Ranger “Newport” with Boarding Shotgun, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol & Knife

Ariadna Kill Team Deployment

The Loup-Garou was posted on the roof of the Maintenance Module (Tau Firewarrior as a proxy).  The Line Kazaks and the Moblot deployed on the ground level behind the Maintenance Modules and a Cargo Container.  The Chasseur and Ranger deployed forward as Camo Tokens, using their Infiltration capabilities.

Nomads Kill Team:
  • Mobile Brigada with Multi Rifle & Light Flame Thrower, Pistol & Knife
    (Lieutenant – revealed after the battle)
  • Reverend Healer with Combi Rifle, Nanopulsar, Pistol & Exp CCW
  • Corregidor Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, Pistol & Knife
  • Corregidor Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, Pistol & Knife

Nomad Kill Team Deployment

One Alguaciles was posted on the roof of a Power Hub, lying Prone, with the Mobile Brigada on the left of the Hub.  The other Alguaciles and the Healer hid behind the Cargo Container to the right of the Power Hub.

Turn 1
Nomads take first turn.
The Alguaciles on the Power Hub roof crawled to the corner.  Using a second order, the Alguaciles stood up and fired at the Loup-Garou on the Maintenance Module.  The Alguciles’ burst went wide (all 3 shots rolled too high) while the Loup-Garou calmly drew a bead on his target and nailed the Alguciles!  Using Shock Ammo, my Alguaciles was killed instantly!

Alguaciles Shoots (and dies!)

Worried about the two Camo Markers, the Brigada moved to the corner of the Power Hub so he could shoot around each side while (hopefully) gaining some cover.  Finally, the last Alguaciles peeked around the corner of the Cargo Container and got a lucky Crit Hit on the Loup-Garou sniper, knocking him out!

Alguciles Takes Down The Sniper!

End Of Nomads Turn 1

One Camo Counter moved near the corner of the Power Hub, then deployed a Camo Marker (gee, wonder what that is?), revealing the original Camo Marker as the Chasseur.

The other Camo Counter moved to the other corner, and using Surprise attack, revealed itself as the Foxtrot Ranger as it fired at the Brigada before it could respond, but failed to wound it.  The Ranger then fired another burst of fire from the hip at the Brigada as the Ranger ducked back around the corner.  This time, the Ranger knocked the Brigada unconscious!  As a final insult, the ranger laid another Camo Token at the corner of the power module!

Ranger Knocks Out the Brigada!

Turn 2
With the Mobile Brigada unconscious, I was forced to declare “Loss of Lieutenant”.  This forced my troops to have “irregular” orders (a nice change from the previous version of Infinity). 

The Healer moved towards the Mobile Brigada and unfortunately triggered the Mine the Ranger had just laid.  Fortunately, the Healer’s Armour protected her from the blast and she was able to survive the attack.  Using her second short skill and her Medikit, the healer was able to heal the Mobile Brigada and give him back 1 wound.

The Alguaciles, feeling lonely, used his order to run over and join the others of his Kill Team by the Power Hub.

Normally, at this point, I would be able to “reassign” the Lieutenant to a surviving trooper.  However, the Healer had just healed the Brigada, so I left him in charge (he did have the best armour).

End Of Nomads Turn 2

The Ranger was a busy fellow this time.  The first order allowed the Ranger lay down another Camo Marker as he moved to the far left corner of the Power Hub.  He used a second Order to double-move to just behind the corner of the Power Hub.  Used a third order to go back into full camo and replaced the figure with a Camo marker. 

Finally, the Ranger peeked around the corner of the Power Hub and shot both the Alguaciles and the Healer with his Boarding Shotgun, using Surprise Attack once again!  The shot against the Healer missed, but the shot against the Alguaciles hit, resulting in a spray pattern that also hit the Healer anyway.  The Alguaciles was knocked unconscious, but the Healer was unharmed.

Ranger Knocks Out The Alguaciles

 The Ranger used a final order to double-tap the Healer with the Boarding Shotgun.  This time, he was able to knock the Healer unconscious.

Turn 3
That camoed Ranger being a pain in the derriere, I had to neutralize it.  The Mobile Brigada chased the Ranger around the hub, firing his Flame Thrower (it ignores Camo).  The attack hit and knocked the Ranger Unconcious!  More importantly, even if the Ranger was revived somehow, his Camo was burnt and rendered useless!

Brigada Burns The Ranger!

Being the sneaky gits that Ariadnians are, the Chasseur used 2 orders.  The first was to move around outside the Cargo Container, both out-of-sight and out of the Zone-of-Control of the Mobile Brigada.  The second order allowed him to move into the Brigada’s blind spot and fire a burst into the Brigada’s back!  Two shots hit and penetrated the armour of the Brigada, killing him.

The Brigada Shot In The Back!

With all the Nomads dead or unconscious, the game ended.  I assumed that the Ariadnians would quickly finish off the unconscious Nomads, killing them all.

Ariadna Victory!  4 – 0!  (None of the Ariadna troops had died - they were all unconscious!)



Great Game.  I really had to hand it to Duncan on his use of Mines and Camo.  The Ariadna may not be as technologically as advanced as the rest of the Human Sphere, but that doesn't mean they're helpless!

As much as I hate to say it, I think this game showed a major weakness of my force.  With 2 expensive troopers (the Healer and the Brigada are both over 30pts, each), I suffered for a lack of orders and bodies.  Unfortunately, with the basic box set, I didn't have a large number of choices.  Back to the drawing board!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

AAR – 100pt Nomads (Bruce) vs Yu Jing (Graham)

So, 1st game of the campaign that I’ve played was my Nomad’s Kill Team against Graham’s Yu Jing Kill Team.
Using the basic terrain that came with Operation: Icestorm (a nice size for smaller games), we rolled on the campaign tales and discovered the following conditions and missions:

Factions are in a state of cease-fire and will be penalised if they open fire first. Being attacked (successfully or not), or Discovering an enemy Camo marker or Impersonator allows a faction to initiate hostilities without penalty.
Commencing hostilities under any condition but those above incurs that Player an automatic loss of 1 VP (Victory Point).
Factions setup as per normal within 8” of the table centre(line).

No restriction on troop types.

Joint Training Exercise
This is a joint-wargame between the factions as a simulation exercise.
The KT’s are using the mission to train, either new recruits or new techniques. The use of non-lethal force is essential. Setup and Conditions apply as part of the simulation. Additionally, mercenaries cannot be fielded.
Time:                     At the end of turn 3, and every other turn, the game ends on an escalating-roll of 4+ (3+ at end of turn 3, 2+ at end of turn 4, automatic at end of turn 5).
Endgame:             The game also ends when one faction is Unconscious or eliminated.
VPs:       +1           Per enemy marker Unconscious at game end
                -1            Per enemy marker killed (does not include mercenaries).


Yu Jing Kill Team:
  • Zhanshi with Combi Rifle, Pistol & Knife (Lieutenant – announced after game)
  • Zhanshi with Combi Rifle, Pistol & Knife
  • Zhanshi with Combi Rifle, Pistol & Knife
  • Domaru Butai with Boarding Shotgun, E/M Grenades, Pistol, AP CCW
  • Raiden Seibutai with Heavy Rocket Launcher, Pistol, Knife

On the Yu Jing’s Table side, the Raiden & a Zhanshi set up on the right corner of the Maintenance Module on their deployment zone.  Another Zhanshi hid around the right side of the same module.  The last Zhanshi and the Domaru hid behind a Cargo Container on the left side of the deployment zone.

Nomads on Left, Yu Jing on the Right

Nomads Kill Team:
  • Mobile Brigada with Multi Rifle & Light Flame Thrower, Pistol & Knife
    (Lieutenant – announced after game)
  • Reverend Healer with Combi Rifle, Nanopulsar, Pistol & Exp CCW
  • Corregidor Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, Pistol & Knife
  • Corregidor Alguaciles with Combi Rifle, Pistol & Knife

On the Nomad’s side, an Alguaciles hid behind the corner, on the left of the Power Hub.  The Mobile Brigada went on top of the Power Hub for best line-of-sight.  Behind the Cargo Container, the last Alguaciles set up behind the left corner and the Healer on the right corner.

Yu Jing on the Left, Nomads on the Right

The Mission Begins!

Turn 1:
Yu Jing took first turn.
The Zhanshi on the right corner of the Management Module ran forward, staying behind the crates in the center of the battle zone.  A second Zhanshi ran from behind the Cargo Container on the left forward, towards the center.  As he came around the corner, one of the Alguaciles spotted him and fired.  The shot hit and wounded the Zhanshi, dropping him behind the Cargo Containers and gaining a point for the Nomads.  Having shot first, the Nomads lost a point for breaking the Cease Fire!

Nomad Alguaciles Takes Down a Yu Jing Zhanshi

The Domaru, having heard the shot, took a chance and ran from the Cargo Container to the Maintenance Module.  Once more, the Alguaciles took the shot and hit the Domaru.  Fortunately for the Domaru, his armour saved him and he made it successfully behind the Maintenance Module.  Using another order, he moved to the Left Corner of the Maintenance Module, as did the last Zhanshi.

Yu Jing - End Of Turn 1

The Reverend Healer moved from behind the Cargo Container to peek around the corner of the Power Hub on her left, using 2 orders in the process.  The Alguaciles on the far left also used 2 orders to move forward, behind the Cargo Containers in the centre.

Nomads - End Of Turn 1

Turn 2:
Yu Jing:
Having lost a Zhanshi last turn, Yu Jing was down to 4 orders.  The Domaru ran forward from the Management Module to behind the Power Hub on their Left.  The Raiden climbed the ladder on the side of the Maintenance Module to the top.  The Mobile Brigada spotted the movement and fired back, but missed.  The Raiden fired back with his Rocket Launcher and hit the Brigada, but the Brigada’s thick armour and cover from the parapet prevented a wound!

Raiden Fires Missiles at Brigada Mobile

The Raiden took a 2nd order and moved to the lip of the Maintenance Module and fired his Rocket launcher again at the Brigada, hitting him once more.  Again, the combination of partial cover and armour saved the Brigada from taking a wound!

The Domaru used up the last order to run around the outside edge of the Power Hub, not quite making it to the opposite corner.

The Mobile Brigada used an order to fire a burst at the Raiden again, the Raiden fired back in reaction.  This time, the Brigada managed to hit the Raiden though he failed to wound the Raiden.  The Raiden lost his nerve and dropped prone, hiding behind the parapet.

Mobile Brigada Shoots at the Raiden Seibutai

The Reverend Healer, using 2 orders, charged the Domaru!  (In ??? years of playing Infinity, I think this is the 1st time I actually charged into CC.)  (If I’d known how good the Domaru was in CC, I probably wouldn’t have!)  In spite of the crazy stats of the Domaru, the Healer managed to land a blow with her Explosive Close Combat Sword (?) causing 3 hits to be saved.  The Domaru managed to save 2 hits but the 3rd hit caused a wound.  Using up the last Nomad Order, the Healer attacked once more, but the Healer and the Domaru failed to hit each other (we both rolled the same number on the D20)!

Reverend Healer & Domaru Butai Fighting!

Turn 3:
Yu Jing:
Angered, the Domaru attacked the Healer and hit, but the Healer’s armour protected her from any damage.  The Domaru used a 2nd order to attack the Healer, but this time the Healer struck back and killed the Domaru!  (The Domaru failed 2 of 3 saves, taking away his last wound and adding an extra – auto-killing him.)  Due to the mission rules, instead of gaining 1VP, I LOST 1 VP!  I’m not supposed to kill anyone!  This took the Nomads to -1VP!

Angered, the Raiden stood up from behind the parapet and fired his Missile Launcher at the Mobile Brigada.  One missile hit, but the Brigada’s armour and cover once more saved him.  Tired of taking missiles to the chest, the Brigada “failed” his Guts Roll and went prone, ducked down behind the parapet.

Finally, a Zhanshi moved forward to behind the Power Hub on the left.

End of Yu Jing's Turn 3

The Reverend Healer moved forward, peeking around the corner of the Power Hub and fired a burst at the Raiden.  Surprisingly, in spite of the cover and armour, the Healer hit and wounded the Raiden!  A Zhanshi spotted and shot at the Healer as she shot, but missed.

With only 2 Zhanshi left and both hidden around the corner, the Healer peeked around the corner and fired at both the Zhanshi, allocating 2 shots to the closest.  Both face-to-face rolls went to the Healer and both Zhanshi were hit and wounded.  Sadly, the one victim took 2 hits and was wounded twice, auto-killing him as well!

This resulted in the End of Game.

Reverend Healer Ends The Game!

Yu Jing ad failed to wound anyone – 0VP
Nomads and wounded 3 (3VP), killed 2 (-2VP) and shot first (-1VP) – 0VP!

A DRAW?!?!?

Don't you hate it when that happens???